Book review: The Water of Life (Uisge Beatha) by Daniel Marchildon

I’ve just finished reading The Water of Life on my Ipad. I think it’s a story that needs to be read in the book version with real pages so you can go back to check on who, what, where and what time things happened. Or it could just be me still adjusting to e-books. There’s so much going on as the story travels through time to the present and then the twist in the end (which I didn’t see coming). Life is a circle with a good bottle of whiskey in the middle and this story proves it. But seriously, this is a smooth story with lots of ingredients that mix and meld so well you just want to keep reading to find out more about the people who have been so touched by “the water of life”. I think each

A new mailing list to sign up to...

After spending nearly a week at home with a potent strain of the common cold, I am finally coming out of the other end of that particularly icky tunnel and find I have enough brain cells in action to continue updating my website. I've added a mailing list subscription form this week in order to share all the exciting and never ending updates and other news with loyal fans (loyal fans should note that I am naturally of a sarcastic bent...). Seeing how I have a new novel due for release in November and a few upcoming appearances, I thought it was time to join all other widly successful authors in using this particular marketing tool. I'm planning some giveaways too, but first, I need some subs

Stepping it up a notch

I've taken the oportunity of being home sick from work to upgrade my free website account to a premium package. I'm not sure I'll be able to do much more than that until my head clears, but the plan is to update the template and start using this blog as my main (eventually letting my wordpress blog fade away). I have a second novel due for release in November. What better time than in the lead up to that to review my marketing plan and update a few things. Over the next few days and weeks, I'll be making a few more changes, and seeing what else a Premium package with Wix has to offer. You can always find me loitering around Twitter and liking things on Facebook. I've started using my Instagr

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