I'm a writer! And other tips from the Guardian Australia Masterclass - Book Publicity

Had a great weekend last week – four days of sun shine, writing, reading, shopping, and a book publicity workshop. I could well accustom myself to regular long weekends, especially when they are spent so productively (and accompanied by lots of spring sunshine and blue sky). On the writing front, a new chapter flowed out on Thursday, which later triggered conversations around hidden, invisible histories, the strategic formation of texts and Edward Said’s, Orientalism particularly in regard to Australian Aboriginal history. I'm in the middle of reading, Skin Deep by Liz Conor. If you're at all interested in widening your eyes to the way Australian history is shaped (manipulated) then you need

Steampunk: Where speculative fiction meets the Victorian era

Felicity Banks is the author of the exciting new novel: Heart of Brass published by Odyssey Books. Steampunk is a speculative fiction genre inspired by the Victorian era. Writers, cosplayers, and makers gleefully wear their corsets on the outside, glue cogs onto their hats, and don brass goggles at all occasions. They celebrate giants of science and engineering like Tesla, Bazalgette, and Lovelace. They write about mad scientists, cross-dressing heiresses, and multi-talented urchins. They fill their minds and stories with clouds of coal-smoke and fog, and the clatter and clank of steam engines, giant clocks, and complicated gadgets. They take the bits of history they like and ignore the rest

Book Review: A Perfect Square

A perfect square is a number that can be expressed as the product of two equal integers mathwarehouse.com I had the great pleasure to be offered a copy of A Perfect Square by Isobel Blackthorn in exchange for an honest review. Having loved Isobel's last release, The Drago Tree, I was only too happy to oblige. A Perfect Square is published by Odyssey Books, an independent Australian publisher and is now available for purchase (I recommend it!). Set amid the fern glades and towering forests of the Dandenong ranges east of Melbourne, and on England’s Devon moors, A Perfect Square is a literary thriller of remarkable depth and insight. Reading Isobel Blackthorn’s stories is like engaging in high

Review: Asena Blessed by Tracy M Joyce

Review: Asena Blessed by Tracy M Joyce Publisher: Odyssey Books, Canberra Epic fantasy book 2 of a series and before you start, book 3 isn't due out until 2017. If you're reading this review and it is 2017; perfect! You won't have long to wait. If you're in 2018, even better, no wait at all. You may as well buy book 3 at the same time as no. 2 because waiting is terrible! You are not going to want to wait. I'm starting with the end in this review. I approached the last few chapters of Asena Blessed with trepidation. You know the feeling when you just don't want the story to end? As the number of pages left to read dwindled at an increasingly rapid rate, I realised that the end was way too cl

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