5 Questions - 5 Readers - 5 Weeks: Question 4 - Favourite Reads

My absolute favourite fiction read has to be The Stand by Stephen King. Or maybe it was The Dead Zone... Hang on, no it's definitely The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart. Of Mice and Men? The Wanderers series by Caiseal Mor is really good too. I even bought the matching CD set (the best Celtic-style music). I can't answer this question definitely myself and yet, I put it to my Gang of 5+1. Which is your all time favourite read? Catherine Donald was very decisive. Well, almost... Aarrrgghh!! I hate this question! Can I choose a couple please?! For a long time my favourite book was The Stand by Stephen King. I loved the depth of the story and the detail of the characters, and the epic good versus

5 Questions - 5 Readers - 5 Weeks: Question 3 - Favourite Authors

I have to admit that I don't have one favourite author. I have multiple all-time favourites! John Steinbeck, Stephen King, Stephen R Donaldson, Mary Stewart, Caiseal Mor, Camilla Blackberg, and Ann Cleeves are just a few of my favourite fiction authors. Non-fiction is a little different as it depends on what I'm researching at any given time. Authors that have proved pivotal to me though include Mary Daly (Outercourse), Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor (The Great Cosmic Mother) and Dr Clare Wright (Forgotten Rebels of Eureka), and Paul Irish (Hidden in Plain View). Again, just to name a few. So I put it to my group of happy readers, do you have an all-time favourite author? An author whose book y

5 Questions - 5 Readers - 5 Weeks: Question 2 - let's talk genre!

Some people only ever read one genre, others might have two or three, yet others will read absolutely anything they can get hold of (like me). So, I asked my captured... I mean, friendly group of readers whether or not they read across genres or were loyal to the core readers of one genre and one genre only? Catherine Donald is a lover of challenges! She says, I love reading across genres. The last couple of years I’ve undertaken reading challenges to widen what I read and expand my boundaries a bit. I often find I really love a book I may never have picked up had I stuck to my ‘usual’ (which tends towards horror and fantasy/sci-fi in the main). I enjoy reading Young Adult books too and woul

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