Books (& authors) on the small screen: Word of Mouth TV

I love the concept of Word of Mouth TV, dining with authors, chatting about their book and their favourite cookbook and recipes, talking food, life, love, and wine. If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to hear about books and cooking, I recommend taking a look. Authors, Kate Forsyth, Sarah Mills and Director, Claire Absolum joined forces and took #booktubing to the next level. The team includes videographer, Adrien Seignoux. Kate and Sarah chat, invite authors over for a meal and a glass of wine, and interview the author in a relaxed friendly way. Who doesn’t love good food and good conversation? There are book reviews, visits to writing festivals, and drives around town. Location

Entering the world of book clubs

I was asked by my publisher to provide some book club questions for all three of my novels. Interesting task. Especially for The Ouroboros Key, which I haven’t read since the day I signed off on the galleys, and which I haven’t written or talked about in a couple of years. Then there’s the realisation that my only experience with book clubs is watching the Jane Austen Book Club (a couple of times, in fact. What can I say. I’m a romantic at heart). Time to do some research. Did you know that there are dozens, possibly hundreds, of web pages full of book Club Questions? I collected several that I thought related to, or could be tweaked to relate to, my 2014 novel. Then I dug through my researc

Book Reveal: Monsters & Angels prequel

I'm very pleased to be hosting this book reveal for Anne Marie Andrus. Congratulations are definitely in order! Anne Marie Andrus Facebook Happy October 11th  and Happy 1 st Book Birthday to Monsters & Angels! To celebrate the occasion, I’m thrilled to share my brand-new cover for Raimond…the prequel to Monsters & Angels. Wait—prequel? Yes—prequel. Why am I writing books out of order? Let me explain... After the successful release of Monsters, exactly one year ago, I went straight to work writing the sequel. My readers demanded it. OMG, it sounds surreal to say that, but they all wanted to know. . . What happens next? What happens to Sorcha? What happens to Raimond? An

An invisible time traveller

I really wish I was a time traveller. There are so many things I want to know. Who were the Picts? What did their carvings mean? What about the Tuatha de Danann? And the Firbolgs and Formorians. Were they the precursors to the Milesians; the Celts? Tribes that superseded each other, their individual cultural practices and beliefs melding together into one big melting pot that in turn overflowed into neighbouring islands? Like the Annunaki, did they become the deities of myth to time-distant descendants and incomers? And is this a pattern that can be seen throughout history and across continents? Who will replace us? Has the “replacing” already started? It can be difficult to encapsulate ever

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