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I'm keeping track

of likes, follows &

website traffic in the monthly goal planning section where I can see everything at a glance.


I love a good planner so thought I’d share a couple of my favourites with you. Last year, with plans to ramp up my marketing, I invested in the Awesome Marketing Planner System from The Girl Means Business. It came with a wall calendar, blog planner, massive diary planner, and access to  an online marketing course targeted at small business owners. It’s a good system and I got it at a great deal. The best part of the system I found was the layout of the diary planner, in particular, the social media content planning and outcome recording pages. These helped me plan a workable content strategy in line with my website and newsletter. 


The downside to them (and it's not really a downside) was that there was way more between the covers than I actually needed. If you're running a small business and need help with learning and working out market strategy, pop on over to the website and check this system out. There's so much more than a planner involved.

This year, after much searching and an attempt at designing my own, I found a light weight planner (at Officeworks) that I could use in a similar way to the Awesome Planner.  It has enough space to schedule and record posts, plan ahead, plus record the analytics at the end of each month. By keeping track of my stats I can see if I'm on track with my social media strategy. Generally, if the numbers are growing I'm doing okay. If they’re stagnant or going backwards I will do some tweaking in the weeks ahead. I plan my blogposts, gigs, events, website changes as I go as well so I can avoid repetition or plan follow ups and related posts.

I've tweaked this planner to suit my needs based on my Awesome Planner experience (and using some of the snazzy stickers) and so far so good. Take a look at the picture below. It does tend to get messy because I'm often thinking as I write in my planner, which means re-doing notes as I change my mind. But, it works for me.

The do-it-yourself planner I started on was through All About Planners. If I had more time, I would definitely go this route, but I have a novel to write so had to put this aside (for now).

I’d love to hear about your favourite planner and how you use it. Come visit me on Facebook or Instagram and we'll chat.

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