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The Ouroboros Key - marketing checklist

To date, I've participated in a blog tour, hosted a launch, attended an independent publishing fair, tweeted, and pitched. I can now also tick off, published a website and move on to prepare for the Australian Book Expo - Sydney in August.

A friendly and helpful fellow author has shared her marketing tips and, quite enthused, I'm blatantly copying her. I've designed a teeshirt to wear to the expo for myself and my daughters and labels for bags. Next on the Book Expo list is some posters.

Other ideas I've had (my own this time) include a live diamond python over one shoulder or a trained raven. Those two will probably remain on my wishlist. I don't mind snakes, but the potential for scaring the crap out of money-toting customers is high and I'd rather sell a book than wrangle a snake.

I've volunteered to join a panel and am prepared to spend the entire weekend spruiking my book if necessary.

If you have some more ideas you'd like to share, please go right ahead.

Check out Tracey M Joyce's: Altaica (The Chronicles of Altaica #1)

(see you at the Expo, Tracey!)

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