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I've just spent a weekend wandering around Ballarat taking photos of old buildings, locomotives, and exploring the surrounding area: Clunes, Hepburn Springs, and Daylesford.

Here's what I've learned:

Ballarat is a large regional city filled with heritage buildings, loads of cafes, and really wide streets. Quite a few of the buildings would fit within the timeline of my current work in progress, but not the railway station, which was built a few years after.

Clunes is (or was on the day) a quiet country town filled with heritage buildings, loads of cafes, and really wide streets. There's a massively popular book festival in Clunes on the first weekend of May. Clunes Booktown

Daylesford is somewhere between the two, but was packed with people and cars. The Chill Out Festival was on, it was a sunny Saturday, and everyone was making the most of it. The many cafes were brimming with hungry visitors, the really wide streets were crammed with cars, and the heritage buildings were draped in rainbow flags. The town had a happy and happening vibe!

Hepburn Springs is another lovely country town with heritage buildigns, but with narrow streets! Our goal was to visit their famous springs. What a lovely picnic area it is too! We imbibed some spring water (it tastes like soda water) and enjoyed a leisurely and short walk in the sunshine before heading back to Daylesford and another leisurely walk around town while dodging everyone else.

It was a day of leisurely walking as we did the same in Clunes and Creswick where we made a quick stop. We spent the afternoon doing much the same in Ballarat in case we missed anything on our first stroll about town.

Quite relaxing really.

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