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Best fantasy novel series of all time (according to me)!

I was reading and realised I hadn’t heard of most of them. So, I decided to create my own little list of best fantasy novel authors of all time based on how many times I’ve read their best works (a very subjective list). These books have owned space on my bookshelves for many years.

If my books look a bit tatty that's because they are well-read

(and I've had them quite a while)

#1 Stephen R Donaldson - The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. There are nine really thick books

in this series, and I’ve read the whole lot multiple times. Donaldson is a master world-builder! If you like your epic fantasies full of magic, elves, monsters, giants, mythology, and massive journeys, you'll love this one!

#2 Mary Stewart – The Merlin Chronicles. I do love a good Arthurian Legend and this one is absolutely the best! Stewart’s Merlin is the foundation for the series. Her complex detailing of his history (and therefore, that whole period in time) is fascinating.

#3 JRR Tolkien – The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series. I haven’t re-read this one recently, but only because I love the movies so much. Besides, I’d read them several times before then so that counts. Right?

#4 Caiseal Mor – The Wanderer series, an Irish Celtic historical fantasy saga (recently been relaunched with previously cut scenes making a return. I can’t wait to get stuck back into this one!)

Mor is an Australian artist, writer and musician. This series tells a musical story as well. Some of my most favourite music comes from The Wanderer CD series.

#5 David and Leigh Eddings – The Belgariad. I almost didn't include this one on the list. I’ve read this series many times though I probably won’t read it again. The gender stereotypes used throughout the story bug me more with each reading. (and I’m a committed re-reader). It’s a pity. The characters are otherwise good, and the world building is excellent, which is why I’ve stuck it out so many times. So even though the gender focus in this series is no doubt a reflection of the time period (1970s-1980s) that the authors were writing in, I just can’t get passed it.

Looking back on this list, I notice that my top 5 series are all from my 1980s reading pile. I've read many more great series since then, of course. I've read and enjoyed the Harry Potter series, but don't have any copies on my bookshelf (or Kindle). Current series, The GriffinSinger by J Victoria Michael is up there for recommended reading. Just waiting for Book 3 of that series to be released and then I'll probably add that to the list above. The only problem is, that this series is entirely on my Kindle. The solution is obvious! Next time I write about books, I'll feature my favourite E-collections!


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