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Three slightly wacky writing ideas

I’ve thought long and hard for a good five minutes and come up with this list of wacky ideas for writing: where, how, and what to tap into your writerly subconscious.

1. Driving in my car, radio blaring songs I’ve heard a thousand times before. Switch it off and blam! No. I didn’t crash my car. This is a writing blam! Short story idea hits: what if... what if... of course can't write and drive, but Hey Siri! (Or Okay Google, whatever your preference). Your smart phone will record your words as a note that you can work with later - like, when you're not in charge of an automobile.

I actually came up with a story idea writing this paragraph so I’ve saved that for a rainy day...

2. Speaking of rainy days - do you ever go out in the weather just to feel it on your skin? Rain drops on your face or sunshine on your back? The wind in your hair or the burn of frosty air on your lips.

The physical act of going outside to experience the elements or just imagining the last time you did could be enough to elicit an idea.

3. People watching using your phone to jot down notes. Okay, that seems pretty specific but hear me out. If you’re on the train or bus or in a cafe, you will be one of a multitude tapping away on their phone, tablet or laptop with occasional bouts of staring into space. The vague stares are the equivalent to meerkats popping out to check their surroundings for predators. You can use this same behaviour to mask what you’re really doing - writing about all the other mongooses on their phones or walking by. Check their mannerisms, clothing and fashion sense, listen to their voices, what are they doing? Take notes and describe everything - let the words flow. Even if you start off describing something essentially boring and mundane you could end up with a new character or story idea. Not everyone in fiction needs to be fantastically exciting. How boring would that be?


Disclaimer: if you’re driving use the “Siri” app on your phone to record what you’re seeing.

No one texts and drives anymore for a reason.


If you have some of your own slightly odd (or full-blown wacky) ideas for prodding your creativity, do share. You never know when you’re going inspire someone else.


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