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Kindlepreneur is fantastic for learning about, or honing your skills in, online book marketing. Even if you only trawl through the website and take advantage of all the free resources, you'll learn something. If you're ready to go further, pay the one off fee and you have full access to the key-word and key-phrase search engine that helps you learn how to define you're book in only a few words as well as finding the best relative keywords across Amazon and Google. Your lists can be used for anything that requires keywords as part of the target marketing like Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

This is more than a keyword list generator though. Dave Chesson provides an online video course and loads of free stuff.

If you need to take your book marketing to the next level, then I highly recommend you take a look at Kindlepreneur.

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Knowing the best (and most clicked on) key words and phrases helps you target your advertising to the  readers who are looking for books just like yours. Watch the video below for an introduction to Amazon Marketing Services.

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