Book review: Murder in the Mansion by Faith Martin

I have a problem; reading. I love to read, preferably fiction, but anything that catches my attention is fair game. I like reading more than nearly anything else including writing. There. I’ve said it. It’s off my chest and I feel better. Now I’m off back to the book I’m part way throwing the… just kidding. I’ve just finished reading a novel, which is why I felt the need for this confession. I was meant to be writing this afternoon, not reading, and I can’t use my well worn excuse of, “but it’s research”. It wasn’t. Last weekend, I was reading (re-reading) the Thomas Covenant series for research (yes, really). The first two books only. After that, would be gratuitous reading and as there are

The Woman in the Stone

The name Callanish evokes an air of ancient mystery, mist-shrouded valleys, and secretive lochs. This village, on the west cost of the Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, is home to a group of standing stones of the same name, easily equal to Stonehenge in age and myth, yet as they are located on the remote Isle of Lewis, not nearly as well known. We visited the Outer Hebrides in March this year having not been able to manage a visit in 2015 during our stop on the Isle of Skye. Back then we had time, booked out ferry services and closed ferry terminals against us. This time, I pre-booked everything before I left. Deciding to fly in to Stornoway from Glasgow and pestered the ferry com

Sydney's Forgotten Palace

This article originally appeared on Suzanne Adair's Relative History site under the title: Gadigal Land It takes more than a surface look to see the levels of history on display in Sydney. Especially, if you’ve come from a country where an old building could be anywhere from 200 to 700 years, where crumbling ruins dot the landscape and point to a built-history much older, more fraught with intrigue and story than anything you’ll see in Australia. Stories here are layered. From the Gadigal who inhabited the area for thousands of years before the first European ship sailed into the harbour, to the French who weren’t particularly interested in staying, to the English who not only dropped their

Book Review: The Book Ninjas

One day, two women decided to leave a trail of books to read on trains for other people to pick up and read for free! They decide to blog about it, upload pictures of their Secret Book stashes to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It catches on and other people start doing the same thing. The founder of @BooksontheRail creates stickers and some loose guidelines. People love the stickers and a new movement is born. Similar bookish undertakings have been doing the rounds for several years in various forms. Books have been left on park benches, outdoor café seating, airport lounges, and of course, train waiting rooms and carriages. What sets #booksontherail apart is that the two women had such p

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