The elephant in the room: writing, promotion, writing.

I sat down at my computer to write a witty and profound blog post and was faced with this… Blankness. Sometimes writing on demand just does not activate creative free flow of thoughts and ideas. In the interim, let me share with you what I as a writer have been up to. It’s certainly not blankness. I’m busy writing an essay on Relative History, which is scheduled for publishing in late September. I’m scratching my head a bit with it because it took me awhile to come up with a topic and when I did and started tapping away at my keyboard, I ended up writing about something else. The two topics are linked and I’ve brought them together relatively well for a first draft, but it just goes to show

Book Review: The Legacy of Old Gran Parks

Set in Cann River in Australia’s rugged southern wilderness, The Legacy of Old Gran Parks is a tale of a remote town haunted by a legacy, a legacy with ominous consequences. It’s a warm evening in the autumn of 1983 when Miriam Forster rolls into town in her broken down car. Frankie the deer hunter, is up in the forested hinterland with her gun. Old Pearl the fisherwoman sits on her front deck down by the lagoon with her whisky and her dog. And Emily, the English backpacker, scrubs out the pie-encrusted kitchen at the roadhouse. All is not well. There’s a hoon doing donuts at the crossroads and screaming down the fire trails in the woods; a suspicious-looking city-slicker with two small chi

5 Questions - 5 Readers - 5 Weeks: Question 5 - To Be Read Piles

If you don't count my Kindle #tbr list, then my pile of books waiting for me to read appears quite manageable. No, wait! Beauty in the Thorns by Kate Forsyth needs to go on that pile too. Do you count "loaners" as well? I could be in trouble. Though not nearly as much as my trusty gang of readers. I asked them, just how big is your to be read pile? Andrew: Here is my 'to read' pile (around 59 books), though that is not really all of them; it doesn't include books that friends have loaned me (I try to get those back quickly and unharmed, so they are in a separate pile!), digital downloads or any of my acting / directing / theatre-making books. Candice: Oh no! Too tall to be reasonable! This

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