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Catching up on writing

After being too ill for a number of days to write (let alone read, so that TBR pile of mine has not shifted), I am ecstatic to finally have the brain capacity to not only put a few hundred words down for my WIP novel but also add an RSS feed icon to my website (it's up there in the top right hand corner), update my Amazon and Goodreads Author Pages with said RSS feed, and write this blog post. Quite an achievement really considering yesterday my hardest decision was what to watch next on the telly.

It hasn't just been concentration that has severely let me down. Here I am sick in my bed (or on my lounge actually watching telly) not even able to look at my Ipad (so no Kindle) or pick up a book. Just too much strain on my poor eyes and brain.

In my delirium (okay, slight exaggeration. I wasn't that sick), I did manage to come up with a couple of good scenes for my novel, which I've now tapped out and will fix when I'm 100%. It can be difficult at the best of times to translate sights, sounds, climactic events, terror, black bog mud from the imagination to the written word, let only when you're not feeling quite on top of things anyway.

Before I was struck down, I was planning an update for my website, writing a submission to a festival, working on my novel, of course, and researching women's clothing and witch-hunting stories from Scotland (my period of interest is mid 1800s and earlier if anyone has some good resources they'd like to share). I hope to jump right back into that tomorrow - can't wait.

I'm starting to ramble so I'll take that as my cue to get some more rest and, hopefully, come up with another scene to write about. It's going to be hot this week in Sydney, I need to imagine I'm somewhere cold for awhile. What's the temperature on the Isle of Skye this week?


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