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Book Reveal: Monsters & Angels prequel

I'm very pleased to be hosting this book reveal for Anne Marie Andrus. Congratulations are definitely in order!


Happy October 11th  and Happy 1 st Book Birthday to Monsters & Angels! To celebrate the occasion, I’m thrilled to share my brand-new cover for Raimond…the prequel to Monsters & Angels.



Why am I writing books out of order? Let me explain...

After the successful release of Monsters, exactly one year ago, I went straight to work writing the sequel. My readers demanded it. OMG, it sounds surreal to say that, but they all wanted to know. . .

What happens next?

What happens to Sorcha?

What happens to Raimond?

And then I realized how much I didn’t know and the incredible story I was still driven to write.


This book is dedicated to

my extraordinary readers,

who knew Raimond was the true star of this show

long before I did.

Vive la magie!


Sometimes, in order to move forward,

we all need to take a step back.

October 25, 2018 | Pre-Order Raimond Now!

Cover design by Eight Little Pages —Thank you Claire!!

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