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I always have more than one book on the go. Last month, I wrote about my Chocolatey book-binge. Since finishing the Chocolat series, I’ve another handful of books.

I've included Amazon affiliate links to each of the books below. This means, that if you click on those links and then purchase the product, a few coins drop into my account.

  • Shatterday by Harlan Ellis

  • Come Let us Sing Anyway by Leone Ross

  • It started with Paris by Cathy Kelly

  • Antiques and Alibis by Wendy H Jones

  • Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

The first two are short story collections that I’ve been working on for quite awhile. Not because they aren’t good (they are), but for the simple reason that I can stop and start - short stories for short reads. The stories in Shatterday contain smatterings of magic realism woven into direct and straightforward storytelling with some insightful introductions. If you like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman then you’ll like Ellison as well. Harlan Ellison passed away in 2018. If you're interested in what else he wrote (and he was prolific) check out his Wiki

Leone Ross breaks a few taboos in her short story collection, Come sing with me, but you’ll enjoy the ride she takes you on. Her writing is earthy and direct to the point of shocking. The collection ranges through different genres and are completely engaging. Ross’s storytelling is superb!

Every few months, I take a break from writing, researching, and work, and read some chick-lit. Cathy Kelly’s, It Started with Paris opens with a wedding proposal on the Eiffel Tower. It then goes into the stories of the family surrounding the romantic couple as the engagement progresses from proposal to wedding day. Kelly is a master of her genre and weaves a magical story. Read this if you’re looking for something light but not too light, deep but not too deep, romance and strong side stories.

Antiques and Alibis by Wendy H Jones is an interesting style of mystery writing. There is humour in every line and before you know it you’ve sniggered your way through a mystery with a twist. Cass Claymore, ex-ballerina, has inherited her uncle’s private investigation business and his dog. She can’t dance anymore so she throws herself into her new career, learning the ropes along the way. Light-hearted and with enough twists to keep you hooked, the Cass Claymore mysteries could be your next reading addiction.

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch - magic realism full on! Magic, ghosts, gods and goddesses, folk tales, drama, villains everywhere, and rivers. Probationary Constable Peter Grant is at a crime scene taking witness statements. The twist is, the witness has been dead over one hundred years. Peter is about to take a giant leap into a world of wonders, terrors, and ancient secrets.

Next up on my reading list is:

  • Dark Poet by Kathryn Gossow

  • City of Trees by Sophie Cunningham

  • The little girl on the ice flow by Adelaide Bon

Unless I’m distracted by other books along the way. My reading list is long and I can’t promise anything!

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