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5 Literary-themed Christmas gift ideas

Last month, I shared my Christmas book-gifting tips.This month, I’m five literary-themed gift ideas.

Subscriptions – A good subscription scan open your . This month, I’m sharing five literary-themed gift ideas. t ideas. ideas. ideas. deas. eas. as. s. . es and a whole lot more. I was recently gifted a Story Club with George Saunders Substack subscription and I also have a paid sub to Sydney Book Review (for new books and writing).

woman wearing blue tshirt and denim shorts, reading e-reader with legs up on an ornate railing

Bookmarks – don’t underestimate the desire for a good quality bookmark. Bookshops have plenty of different designs to match literary genres, classic series, art, nature, aspirational quotes, poetry…you name it. I recently bought (for myself) a set of three botanical watercolour bookmarks. They’re so pretty, I decided to frame them. If you’re crafty, you could do similar and gift it to that someone special in your life.

assorted bookmarks with quotes, book details and tag lines "Myth Magic Monsters".
Bookmarks promoting my books!

Bags – bookish people also quite often like a nifty bag to carry their latest procurement in. And, of course, they have a multitude of carrying options – to the beach, shopping, library, work, play. If you can find one with a pocket, closure and lining to protect books from weather, even better!

Notebook and pen – to copy out quotes, poetry, booklists or to make review notes on the current read.

Notebook with ornate cover in green and gold with feather pen sitting on top
My newest notebook purchase!

Swag – t-shirts, mugs, magnets, bookmarks, notebooks, postcards, samples from a favourite author.

Happy Christmas shopping, my friends!


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