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5 tips for buying books this Christmas

Allow plenty of time for browsing

(and remember the books aren’t for you). There’ll be loads of new releases you can check out and plenty of specials too.

Things to keep in mind:
  • Age of person to receive the gift

  • Reading levels – are they bookworms, non-readers or somewhere in between

  • Favoured genres – fantasy, non-fiction, crime, educational, picture-books?

pink piggy bank standing on calculator


Don’t spend too much unless you think they’ll really love your pick (bookworm territory)

E-books or physical books?

E-books make a particularly good gift for long distance giftees (postage can be a budget-breaker!), but make sure they have some kind of e-reader

Physical books –well, they’re hefty, easy to wrap, and look good under the Christmas tree (and on the bookshelf plus you can add a little note inside)

Get in early!

Everyone knows that books make great gifts and the stores will be crowded!


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