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5 Questions - 5 Readers - 5 Weeks: Question 4 - Favourite Reads

My absolute favourite fiction read has to be The Stand by Stephen King. Or maybe it was The Dead Zone... Hang on, no it's definitely The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart. Of Mice and Men? The Wanderers series by Caiseal Mor is really good too. I even bought the matching CD set (the best Celtic-style music). I can't answer this question definitely myself and yet, I put it to my Gang of 5+1.

Which is your all time favourite read?

Catherine Donald was very decisive. Well, almost...

Aarrrgghh!! I hate this question! Can I choose a couple please?!

For a long time my favourite book was The Stand by Stephen King. I loved the depth of the story and the detail of the characters, and the epic good versus evil aspect.

More recently I discovered Sarah Pinborough, another horror author who delved into YA briefly. Her story The Death House is one of the most beautiful and moving tales I’ve ever read. I don’t often reread books, but I’ve read this twice since it was published in 2015, and am feeling the need to read it again. I own four versions of this book: an ARC, hardback, kindle and audiobook. I just love it.

Hazel Jackson went for recent reads

Oh that’s a really tricky one as you keep finding new ones don’t you? I don’t tend to re-read books so it would have to be something I’ve read lately that’s made me think WOW!. I would say Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood or Can’t Get You Out of my Head by Sue Shepherd.

Jay Kenobi knows exactly what she likes to read

The Illuminae Trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Just incredible.

Candice was also able to pick one outstanding read

So hard to choose! I would have to say The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I have read it many times and I take something different away from it each time. It resonates with me on so many levels.

Andrew chose the one that keeps drawing him back

My favourite ever book, the one that I return to time after time the most, is Player of Games by Iain M. Banks. My introduction to Banks' interstellar, egalitarian Culture civilization, around the age of 17, quickly reeled me in and I immediately felt a rapport with the protagonist - an expert player of many different types of games and a flawed, complex character.

And my plus one, Paul thinks asking him to choose just one is unfair! (you may be right, Paul)

At Swim Two Boys by Jamie O'Neill is the book I force on people. For YA people, I push Michelle Paver's, Wolf Brother series into their hands and Hello, Sailor by Ingrid Godon is by far my favourite read for children.

My readers are:

Hold the phone! I forgot to mention The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant - nine books in the series and I've read most of them (at least the first six) several times. That definitely puts the series into my pile of all time favourite reads.

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