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Having too much fun on Pinterest

I use my Pinterest account to collect imagery for writing, recipes, art, and assorted other interests.

I have several boards dedicated to my published novel and manuscripts. In these I deposit images that I will use to visualise my stories; collecting photos of places and time periods I just cannot get to that will help give strengthen my settings and define characters.

I also have a few arty type boards. Paintings & Drawings holds my growing collection of Van Gogh works (plus other artworks), Photography is for the amazing photographs people are producing around the world, and Sculpture is for those pieces that astound, amuse, and inspire me.

Vento is my favourite Vincent Van Gogh piece - such beautiful colour!

van gogh.jpg

Writer's Nooks and Words collect inspirational (and quite often cosy) cabins, rooms, and words for writers.

This is my current favourite quote...

favourite quote.jpg

I created a Special Effects Makeup Board to collect images, links and information on the topic for my daughter who's interested in that area. I had to curtail my search for content on this one though as there are an awful lot of Zombies and "ripped up" bodies out there on pinterest and it was starting to curdle my stomach.

My Healthy Recipes and Make+Create boards are the holders of inspirational way to spend my free time (of which I have very little so they are more for the future...).

One of my all encompassing interests is the history of women so I collect photos, stories, facts, and links to as many interesting women as I can find on Herstory.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman would be proud of this tribe of women in the Ukraine

Ukraine tribe of women.jpg

The only trouble is, signs are starting to show that pinning might be addictive. I downloaded the app to my phone and when I have a few minutes of wait time I load Pinterest up to see what's new. I was doing this last night while waiting for my computer to shutdown so I could pack up for the night. Fairly innocent.

I pinned dream images all night long! Every image that entered my dreamscape was neatly catalogued and pinned. No zombies, thank goodness, but not exactly conducive to a good night's sleep.

Tonight, I'm going to be strong and avoid Pinterest for at least an hour before sleeptime. I might do something more relaxing like Tweet or catch up on my Facebook feed.....

I love this look...

make up.jpg

This one, not so much...


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