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A Very Writerly Christmas!

Ask any writer what they’d like—what they truly want—for Christmas, and they’ll probably start their Wishlist with books and end with books. The difference between the two is one lot of books is to read and the other is books sold. Their books, of course!

Somewhere in between books and books will be time with friends and family, time to rest and recharge. With any luck, they’ll also wangle some writing time.

December is typically a time when publishers fill the market with new releases and bookstores push the bounty on to the Christmas shopping public. This time of year is one of the most exciting times to go book shopping.

It’s the most exciting time to go shopping period. Sales, stock, glitz, glamour!

Christmas shopping online, while mighty convenient, has nowhere near the same level of involvement. It might be easier to spend the money, but it’s not nearly as much fun.

Take bookstores, for instance. You can’t feel the marvellous cover or pages of new books through a computer screen. Can’t drag your fingers along the spines of an entire shelf full of books while you decide which one you want to keep forever, tapping through webpages.

Any published writer will tell you, though, that they don’t really care where you buy their books, just spend the money, and buy them. Heading online is the easiest way to purchase books, whether they’re by top list authors or unknowns. If you are in a bookstore though and the titles you want to purchase aren’t available, ask to order them in. Writer’s really love being in the bricks and mortar stores too.


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