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Top Three Reads of 2021!

I enjoyed all the books I reviewed this year and most of the ones I read but didn’t review, so it was hard choosing my top three. Here are my stand outs:

Talking Baby for a Walk by Kathryn Gossow

So far, I’ve loved everything Gossow has written. If you haven’t had the good fortune of reading any of her novels or short stories, what are you waiting for?

Fractured Lives by Russ Colchamiro

This was the first Science Fiction novel I’ve read in a while. It has great readability, interesting twists, and an intriguing story line.

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

Got to love a story that makes me cry multiple times. Evocative storytelling at its absolute best!

2021 was a stressy year for most of us, but at least there was plenty of great reading time!


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