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Your reading journey: 8 tips for exploring different genres

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All good journeys start with curiousity and planning. To broaden your reading journey, exploration into different genres may need just such planning. For instance, which genres are piquing your interest? Which worlds would you like to explore?

8 Tips for Exploring Different Genres

1. Research

Find new authors and genres by researching latest releases, follow book groups online, subscribe to some book review sites, or read reviews in your local newspaper. Keep an open mind and look for a storylines and settings interest you.

2. Mix your authors

Well-known and lesser-known will provide a range of styles and themes.

3. Tip your toe in the pond of sub-genres

If you like crime fiction (for instance), look for crime stories that are also fantasy, historical or science fiction. This way you can ease yourself into these genres while retaining the familiarly of your old favourite.

4. Set Reading Goals

If you like to challenge yourself, set a few goals to track progress and keep notes on what you did and didn’t like.

5. Join a Book Club

Book clubs can introduce you to genres and authors you might not have considered.The other members can help you with some recommendations and are ready to chat about their favourite authors (the whole purpose of book club).

6. To be or not to be – obsessive.

Okay I’m a bit obsessive. If I find a story I like, I’m likely to read everything by that author, but you might like to keep it fresh and alternate between genders (or authors).

7. Share your journey with reviews.

Your reviews can be Instagram quickies, a Facebook post or a full review on your blog. Share your thoughts on why you liked the novel, how it fits into your journey and, if you’re the analytical type, reflect on theme, style and character.

8. Push a few borders.

Don’t be afraid to read outside your comfort zone. Every novel is an experience that can bring you great rewards in experience and knowledge. You just might surprise yourself and fall in love with something brand new.

Like journeying, reading expands horizons and leads to discovery of new perspectives and alternate realities.

I hope my 8 tips for exploring different genres has helped you on your way. Happy reading!

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