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Local Author Showcase

Snapshot of my Powerpoint Presentation for the Local Author Showcase at Sutherland 19 November 2016

On Saturday, I will be one of six authors presenting at a Local Author Showcase at Sutherland Library. I’ll be talking about inspiration and settings, and have collated a snapshot of “travel” photos taken from various research roadtrips.

I’m often asked what it is about writing that drives me to keep at it. I process thoughts, develop ideas, and increase my memory potential by writing notes as I go. It involves me and by jotting things down I participate in the creative flow I was born for. Some people sketch or paint, others garden, many cook. I write.

Part of the process is reading, thinking, asking questions, finding answers, and experiencing locations and settings for myself. As a collector of experiences and not being that crash hot at sketching, I also take photographs. Landscapes, close ups, odd-angles, quick snaps and studied scenes. I visit places at the time of day my characters will be there (mostly – there’s not much chance of getting me into the Royal National Park in the dead of night) and I absorb the light and textures, sounds and atmosphere.

And so, for the first time, I’ve pulled together photos from The Ouroboros Key (New Mexico), A Single Light (Royal National Park and Cronulla), and my current manuscript as well as a couple of the main inspirations, and I’ll be talking about how I find and use settings, and where I find inspiration for my stories.

If you’re in Sydney this weekend, why don’t you join me?

Local Author Showcase Sutherland Library Saturday 20 November 1.00pm-3.30pm. Bookings essential, book online:

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