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5 Questions - 5 Readers - 5 Weeks: Question 2 - let's talk genre!

Some people only ever read one genre, others might have two or three, yet others will read absolutely anything they can get hold of (like me). So, I asked my captured... I mean, friendly group of readers whether or not they read across genres or were loyal to the core readers of one genre and one genre only?

Catherine Donald is a lover of challenges! She says,

I love reading across genres. The last couple of years I’ve undertaken reading challenges to widen what I read and expand my boundaries a bit. I often find I really love a book I may never have picked up had I stuck to my ‘usual’ (which tends towards horror and fantasy/sci-fi in the main). I enjoy reading Young Adult books too and would like to stress that YA isn’t a genre, it’s a category, which has many genres contained within it!

Regarding reading challenges, three of my friends and I have turned/are turning 40 in 2017/18, and we’ve set our own #40yrs40bks reading challenge. We’ve each chosen ten categories to make 40 in total. I’m enjoying the fact that we get to compare what we choose for each category.

One of Catherine's reading buddies is Jay Kenobi...

The vast majority of my reading is YA – I love the vast array of content within YA, and I go to YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) each year and buy *cough* rather a lot of books there. I definitely read across genres though. I love crime novels and thrillers, I occasionally read classics and I’ve recently been dabbling with graphic novels. The only genre I have avoided is horror, but I even bought a horror book last YALC.

Andrew Deane admits that,

I mainly read Fantasy and Sci-Fi but I don't like to restrict myself, or miss out on great literature that I would enjoy. I often branch out into Contemporary Fiction, poetry, Historical Fiction, philosophy, science, biographies, plays, etc. I read everything from ancient classics to the wrappers of Fox's Classic bars - if it's got words, I can't help but read it!

I hear you, Andy! I ready nearly everything too.

Candice is mainly into one genre, but can be tempted...

While the majority of the books that I read are mystery thrillers and psychological thrillers, I absolutely read across (most) genres. If the plot of a book sounds good, I am willing to take a chance on it, which has led me to some of my favourite all time reads being historical and women’s fiction picks.

Hazel Jackson is loyal... mainly...

I’m pretty much loyal to Chick Lit and similar women’s fiction. I like to be able to escape to a place that has a happy ending, but I do also read non-fiction about underground music scenes and subcultures.

BONUS I hate to leave people out, so here's a sixth reader for you...

Paul Swallow answers: I read across genres. As an editor/proofreader, I have to I prefer crime, historical fiction and psychological fiction. Some books written for children excite me too.

With thanks to Hazel, Candice, Andrew, Catherine, Jay, and Paul.

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