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Crossing the Line: book 2

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Image source: Pixabay / congerdesign

Book two of Crossing the Line is coming along at a cracking pace with lots of travelling around the country, more magic, even more mayhem and as much insight into Australian social history as I can pull together. One of the reasons I became a writer was because I love all the research and I'm having a lot of fun with Crossing the Line.

The story continues on directly from the end of Keeper of the Way (if you haven't read it yet, you can buy it from most online bookstores or borrow it from your local library - just ask for it if they haven't got it on their shelves). All the details are on my website.

There are three books planned in this series that will take readers from the Isle of Skye to Sydney and, eventually back again (maybe, I haven't written it all yet). The story is full of magic influenced by Scottish and Irish history; herbal lore, sigil craft, and inks to ancient feminine spirits. Versions of the Cailleach, Baubo, and Morrigan feature as well. The thread that weaves all these aspects together is family history and a connection to Land and Ancestors so strong it transcends distance and time.

I'm getting excited just telling you about it!

The characters are a mix of fiction, historic figures, and names from my own family tree. They walk through the streets and see the sights of Sydney and Melbourne 1882, and beyond. Their narrative includes inner journeys of growth that enable them to not only deal with the unusual circumstances and situations they find themselves, but think, feel, and see life in broader terms. Understanding of self doesn't come easy to anyone, catalysts are needed, triggers that push boundaries and paradoxes in our lives that require acceptance.

This growth comes to all the characters in varying levels as they dip in and out of belief, trust, judgement, and truth to come to their final moments of epiphany.

I can't wait to work out all the intricacies involved!

So much to do, plan, and write. I better get on with it!

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