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Books (& authors) on the small screen: Word of Mouth TV

I love the concept of Word of Mouth TV, dining with authors, chatting about their book and their favourite cookbook and recipes, talking food, life, love, and wine. If you’re looking for a new and interesting way to hear about books and cooking, I recommend taking a look.

Authors, Kate Forsyth, Sarah Mills and Director, Claire Absolum joined forces and took #booktubing to the next level. The team includes videographer, Adrien Seignoux.

Kate and Sarah chat, invite authors over for a meal and a glass of wine, and interview the author in a relaxed friendly way. Who doesn’t love good food and good conversation? There are book reviews, visits to writing festivals, and drives around town. Locations vary between episodes: some interviews and meals take place in their homes, the backyard, or a picnic by the beach.

The meal is related to the book of the day in someway and the relaxed cooking session takes you through the meal they’re whipping up for the occasion. This isn’t a highly polished made for TV show, but I think the rough bits add to its quirky charm. It’s very much like we’re sitting down with Kate and Sarah, talking books and getting to know each other.

We’re in on the beginning of something that could easily catch on and end up on the telly. The first three episodes featured Anne Buist and Graeme Simsion (Two Steps Forward), Kelly Rimmer (Before I Let You Go) and Annabelle Crabb (Special Delivery). Make the beverage of your choice and start from the beginning or pick and choose which author you’d like to “meet”.

I’m just about to go and watch the Natasha Lester episode. I read and enjoyed A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald, and I’m interested to hear the consensus, and background, for her latest release, The Paris Seamstress.

The whole project is well thought out and well rounded so make sure to allow some time to spend at the Word of Mouth TV website as well as watching all the episodes. Enjoy!

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